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Ring Blades

Ring Blades produces an even 360 degree blow off around the target part. Essentially this product is an air knife that is bent around in a circle. The target product then passes through the circle and experiences air blow-off force from all directions.

Ring Blades are available in 10 standard sizes (inside diameter) from ½” to 11”. They are available in either a standard aluminium or 316 stainless steel. Furthermore, they can be fitted with an optional filter and regulator.

In addition to the blades themselves, ANP also offers a variety of shims that can be used to increase the gap in the ring blade and thus increase air flow and impact.


  • Drying after wash, cleaning, plating or coating
  • Blowoff dust and contaminants
  • Cool hot extruded shapes
  • Uniformly wipe surfaces
  • Dry extruded profiles, rod and medical tubing
  • Blow excess water from automotive door gaskets
  • Remove excess coatings, water and oil
  • Dry tube, hose, wire, fibre optics
  • Clean paint gun tips
  • Dry screen printed or ink jetted surfaces
  • Clean strips and ribbon


  • Quiet
  • Low air consumption
  • Uniform airflow across the entire diameter
  • No electricity, no moving parts
  • Non-contact – no wiper blade
  • Lightweight, low profile
  • Split design – compact, rugged, easy to install
Shims for ring blades

Energy Efficient Products

Ring Blade Shim


Shims for increasing the gap / flow from ring blades.

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Ring blade Air Knives

Energy Efficient Products

Ring Blade


Circular air blades for high force air delivery in ring pattern.

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