Standard Static Control Blower

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Applications: Static Control Blowers, Static Control,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

This unit can be used where no compressed air supply is possible. It consists of a standard fan blower with a built in ioniser which means the resulting air flow consists of ionised air (both negative and positive ions). The blower comes in a variety of sizes and is fitted with a standard single power supply.

An important feature of these units is that the power supply comes with a 2 year warranty and is repairable. Due to the relatively high voltages required to ionise air power supply failure is a common problem. Over time power supplies on ionisers may fail so having a repairable and warranty backed supply is important.

Part NumberVoltageSizeSKUWeight
17001110 VSmallAN0011327.72
17002110 VMediumAN0011339.09
17003110 VLargeAN00113413.63
17004220 VSmallAN0011357.72
17005220 VMediumAN0011369.09
17006220 VLargeAN00113713.63


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