Standard Air Nozzle

Categories: Energy Efficient Products, Air Nozzles,
Applications: Air Nozzle for Cooling, Cooling, Drying, Air Nozzles for Blow Off, Air Blow Off,
Industries: Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

Standard air nozzles deliver a narrowly focused jet of air to where it is needed. The external shape of the nozzle helps to entrain the surrounding air and so the amount of air moved is greater than the air supplied to the nozzle.

These nozzles come in a variety of materials and sizes.

Part NumberMaterialAdjustableThreadSKUWeight
47002BrassNoCopper tubeAN0003530.09
47003AluminiumNo1/8" NPTAN0003540.14
47003S303 StainlessNo1/8" NPTAN0003550.18
47003S-316L316 StainlessNo1/8" NPTAN0003560.18
47003SM-316L316 StainlessNo1/8" NPTAN0003570.144
47004AluminiumNo1/4" NPTAN0003580.144
47004S303 StainlessNo1/4" NPTAN0003590.18
47004S-316L316 StainlessNo1/4" NPTAN0003600.18
47009AluminiumYes1/8" NPTAN0003610.14
47009S303 StainlessYes1/8" NPTAN0003620.18
47009S-316L316 StainlessYes1/8" NPTAN0003630.18


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