Standard Air Amplifier

Categories: Energy Efficient Products, Air Amplifiers,
Applications: Air Amplifiers For Drying, Cooling, Air Amplifiers, Drying, Product Moving, Cooling Air Amplifiers, Fume & Dust Management,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

This standard air amplified is available in a variety of materials and sizes. It can also be fitted with an optional filter/auto drain and a gauge. The air flow can also be adjusted by the insertion of additional shims. All this make the standard air amplifier and incredibly versatile air enhancement product that is suited to many applications and situations.

Part NumberMaterialFeaturesSizeSKUWeight
AM10Zinc AlloyNone3/4″AN0002740.45
AM20Zinc AlloyNone1-1/4″AN0002750.68
AM40Zinc AlloyNone2″AN0002760.9
AM75Zinc AlloyNone4″AN0002772.27
AM125Zinc AlloyNone8″AN0002783.63
AM10-1Zinc AlloyFilter 3/4″AN0002790.9
AM20-1Zinc AlloyFilter1-1/4″AN0002801.13
AM40-1Zinc AlloyFilter2″AN0002811.36
AM75-1Zinc AlloyFilter4″AN0002822.95
AM125-1Zinc AlloyFilter8″AN0002834.31
AM10-2Zinc AlloyFilter + Regulator3/4″AN0002841.36
AM20-2Zinc AlloyFilter + Regulator1-1/4″AN0002851.59
AM40-2Zinc AlloyFilter + Regulator2″AN0002861.81
AM75-2Zinc AlloyFilter + Regulator4″AN0002873.4
AM125-2Zinc AlloyFilter + Regulator8″AN0002884.77
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