Ring Vac Aluminium

Categories: Compressed Air Conveyors, Ring Vacs,
Applications: Ring Vac for Dust Management, Air Conveyors for Product Moving, Product Moving, Fume & Dust Management,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

Ring vac conveyors in aluminium. This unit is available to fit up to 5” pipe with smooth connectors or up to 2” with threaded connectors.

They can also be fitted with a drain, filter and gauge.

Part NumberThreadFeaturesSizeSKUWeight
39998PlainRing Vac Only3/8"AN0006630.22
39999PlainRing Vac Only1/2"AN0006640.22
30000PlainRing Vac Only3/4"AN0006650.45
30001PlainRing Vac Only1"AN0006660.45
30002PlainRing Vac Only1-1/4"AN0006670.45
30003PlainRing Vac Only1-1/2"AN0006680.68
30004PlainRing Vac Only 2"AN0006690.68
30005PlainRing Vac Only2-1/2"AN0006700.9
30006PlainRing Vac Only3"AN0006711.13
31004PlainFilter 2"AN0006781.36
32998PlainFilter & Guage3/8"AN0006811.13
32999PlainFilter & Guage1/2"AN0006821.13
32000PlainFilter & Guage3/4"AN0006831.36
32001PlainFilter & Guage1"AN0006841.36
32002PlainFilter & Guage1-1/4"AN0006851.36
32003PlainFilter & Guage1-1/2"AN0006861.59
32004PlainFilter & Guage 2"AN0006871.81
32005PlainFilter & Guage2-1/2"AN0006882.04
32006PlainFilter & Guage3"AN0006892.27
30001TThreaded Ring Vac Only1"AN0006900.45
30002TThreaded Ring Vac Only1-1/4"AN0006910.45
30003TThreaded Ring Vac Only1-1/2"AN0006920.68
30004TThreaded Ring Vac Only2"AN0006930.68
31001TThreaded Filter1"AN0006940.9
31002TThreaded Filter1-1/4"AN0006950.9
31003TThreaded Filter1-1/2"AN0006961.13
31004TThreaded Filter2"AN0006971.36
32001TThreaded Filter & Guage1"AN0006981.36
32002TThreaded Filter & Guage1-1/4"AN0006991.36
32003TThreaded Filter & Guage1-1/2"AN0007001.59
32004TThreaded Filter & Guage2"AN0007011.81


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