Ring Blade Shim

Categories: Energy Efficient Products, Ring Blades,
Applications: Ring Blade for Drying, Ring Blade for Air Blow Off, Ring Blades for Cooling,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

These circular shims can be inserted into the ring blade unit to vary the air gap. By widening the gap more air is allowed through the blade and so impact is increased. The shims come in a variety of thicknesses and, obviously, there is a specific shim diameter for each diameter of ring blade.

Part NumberMaterialSizeSKUWeight
20100-316L316 Stainless1/2"AN0006540.22
20101-316L316 Stainless1"AN0006550.22
20102-316L316 Stainless2"AN0006560.22
20103-316L316 Stainless3"AN0006570.22
20104-316L316 Stainless4"AN0006580.22
20105-316L316 Stainless5"AN0006590.22
20106-316L316 Stainless6"AN0006600.22
20107-316L316 Stainless7"AN0006610.22
20100304 Stainless1/2"AN0005660.22
20101304 Stainless1"AN0005670.22
20102304 Stainless2"AN0005680.22
20103304 Stainless3"AN0005690.22
20104304 Stainless4"AN0005700.22
20105304 Stainless5"AN0005710.22
20106304 Stainless6"AN0005720.22
20107304 Stainless7"AN0005730.22
20109304 Stainless9"AN0005740.22
20111304 Stainless11"AN0005750.22


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