Hand Vac

Categories: Compressed Air Conveyors, Hand Vacs,
Applications: Hand Vac for Product Moving, Hand Vac for Dust Management, Product Moving,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing,

The X-Stream Hand Vac is the low-cost solution to a variety of industrial housekeeping applications. It is a blow gun, a vacuum gun, a collection system and a transfer system in one simple package. The X-Stream Hand Vac is lightweight die-cast aluminium and uses less air than a normal blow gun. It draws a vacuum at one end to produce a high vacuum for collection or transfer of materials. It is easily converted from a blow gun into a vacuum gun and back again. It can also be used to transfer material over a long distance using a vacuum hose which can be supplied. In vacuum mode, it can be used to vacuum up debris if more appropriate than blowing air, and debris can be collected in an available reusable vacuum bag.


  • No moving parts
  • Driven by air not electricity
  • Die-cast construction
  • Can switch from blow-off mode to vacuum in seconds
  • Lightweight and portable

Part NumberFeaturesSKUWeight
36001Hand Vac OnlyAN0008790.45
36011Hand Vac + Collection SystemAN0008801.36
36012Hand vac + Transfer SystemAN0008811.36
36013Dual PurposeAN0008821.36


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