Enclosure Cooler (Build E)

Categories: Enclosure Coolers, Vortex Tubes and Industrial Spot Cooling,
Applications: Cooling, Cabinet Coolers,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

This standard vortex tube cooler with an integrated air filter, air distribution hose and electric control system. This unit is available in a variety of cooling powers (wattages) and also is available to meet IP54, IP14 or IP66 standards for water resistance.

Build A- Just the cooling tube with no filter or air distribution hose

Build B- Cooling tube and air distribution hose

Build C- Cooling tube with filter and air distribution hose

Build D – Cooling tube with filter, air distribution hose and thermostatic control

Part NumberCooling Power (Watts)IP RatingMaterialSKUWeight
63002A-ELC4254304 StainlessAN0014721.36
63004A-ELC8554304 StainlessAN0014731.36
63008A-ELC17054304 StainlessAN0014742.5
63010A-ELC21554304 StainlessAN0014752.95
63015A-ELC32254304 StainlessAN0014762.95
63025A-ELC52754304 StainlessAN0014772.95
63030A-ELC61554304 StainlessAN0014782.95
63040A-ELC84954304 StainlessAN0014792.95
63002R-ELC4214304 StainlessAN0014801.36
63004R-ELC8514304 StainlessAN0014811.36
63008R-ELC17014304 StainlessAN0014821.36
63010R-ELC21514304 StainlessAN0014832.95
63015R-ELC32214304 StainlessAN0014842.95
63025R-ELC52714304 StainlessAN0014852.95
63030R-ELC61514304 StainlessAN0014862.95
63040R-ELC84914304 StainlessAN0014872.95
63102X-ELC4266304 StainlessAN0014881.36
63104X-ELC8566304 StainlessAN0014892.72
63108X-ELC17066304 StainlessAN0014902.72
63110X-ELC21566304 StainlessAN0014911.36
63115X-ELC32266304 StainlessAN0014921.36
63125X-ELC52766304 StainlessAN0014930.9
63130X-ELC61566304 StainlessAN0014943.18
63140X-ELC84966304 StainlessAN0014953.18


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