Enclosure Cooler (Build B)

Categories: Enclosure Coolers, Vortex Tubes and Industrial Spot Cooling,
Applications: Cooling, Cabinet Coolers,
Industries: Manufacturing,

This standard vortex tube cooler with and air distribution hose. This unit is available in a variety of cooling powers (wattages) and also is available to meet IP54, IP14 or IP66 standards for water resistance.

Build A- Just the cooling tube with no filter or air distribution hose

Build C- Cooling tube with filter and air distribution hose

Build D – Cooling tube with filter, air distribution hose and thermostatic control

Build E – Cooling tube with filter, air distribution hose and electric control

Part NumberCooling Power (Watts)IP RatingMaterialSKUWeight
60002AD4254304 StainlessAN0013920.9
60004AD8554304 StainlessAN0013930.9
60008AD17054304 StainlessAN0013940.9
60010AD21554304 StainlessAN0013951.36
60015AD32254304 StainlessAN0013961.36
60025AD52754304 StainlessAN0013971.36
60030AD61554304 StainlessAN0013981.36
60040AD84954304 StainlessAN0013991.36
60002RD4214304 StainlessAN0014000.9
60004RD8514304 StainlessAN0014010.9
60008RD17014304 StainlessAN0014020.9
60010RD21514304 StainlessAN0014031.36
60015RD32214304 StainlessAN0014041.36
60025RD52714304 StainlessAN0014051.36
60030RD61514304 StainlessAN0014061.36
60040RD84914304 StainlessAN0014071.36
60102XD4266304 StainlessAN0014080.9
60104XD8566304 StainlessAN0014090.9
60108XD17066304 StainlessAN0014100.9
60110XD21566304 StainlessAN0014111.36
60115XD32266304 StainlessAN0014121.36
60125XD52766304 StainlessAN0014131.36
60130XD61566304 StainlessAN0014141.36
60140XD84966304 StainlessAN0014151.36
60102X-316L-D4266316 StainlessAN0014160.9
60104X-316L-D8566316 StainlessAN0014170.9
60108X-316L-D17066316 StainlessAN0014180.9
60110X-316L-D21566316 StainlessAN0014191.36
60115X-316L-D32266316 StainlessAN0014201.36
60125X-316L-D52766316 StainlessAN0014211.36
60130X-316L-D61566316 StainlessAN0014221.36
60140X-316L-D84966316 StainlessAN0014231.36


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