Drum Angel

Categories: Compressed Air Conveyors, Drum Pumps,
Applications: Drum Angel for Product Moving, Product Moving,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

The drum angel is an air powered system that can be used to fill or empty a drum. The system attached to the closed head of the drum and then uses compressed air to create a partial vacuum in the which acts to suck fluid or particles in the drum. This process can be reversed with the turn of a knob so that the unit now creates pressure within the drum thus expelling its contents.

The drum angel kit can be supplied with a variety of hose attachments to increase the versatility of the unit. With the suitable attachments, the drum angel can be used for

  • Skimming fluid (sucking it into the drum)
  • Sucking up spills and excess product (fluid or dust)
  • Emptying drums
  • Transferring fluid between drums

The drum angel is entirely air powered with no moving parts meaning it can be used in many situations where traditional pumps are not suitable.


Part NumberDrum SizeFeaturesSKUWeight
35001SNADrum Angel OnlyAN0008754.54
35011S208 litresComplete KitAN0008769.09
35012S113 litresComplete KitAN0008779.09


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