Button Air Gun

Categories: Energy Efficient Products, Air Guns,
Applications: Air Gun for Blow Off, Air Blow Off,
Industries: Manufacturing,

This is the button activated version of our air gun. The base gun unit can be fitted with a variety of air nozzles at the end. This gun can be fitted with extension barrels to positon the nozzle up to 914mm (36”) from the trigger.

Part NumberNozzle FittedMaterial Of NozzleSKUWeight
49100Gun OnlyNAAN0004990.45
49103Standard Air NozzleAluminiumAN0005000.45
49103SStandard Air Nozzle303 Stainless SteelAN0005010.68
49103S-316LStandard Air Nozzle316 Stainless SteelAN0005020.68
49109Adjustable NozzleAluminiumAN0005030.45
49109SAdjustable Nozzle303 Stainless SteelAN0005040.681
49109S-316LAdjustable Nozzle316 Stainless SteelAN0005050.68
49110Very High Force Nozzle316 Stainless SteelAN0005060.45


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