Aluminium Standard Static Control Air Knife

Categories: Static Control Air Knives, Static Control Products,
Applications: Ion Air Knives for Static Control, Static Control,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

A standard design air knife combined with an ionising bar. This ionising air knife produces a powerful stream of ionised air along its length combining a powerful air blow off action and excellent static elimination. They come in a variety of different lengths.

This model comes with a standard single power supply.


  • Connections on the back or ends
  • It flows from end to end (full flow).
  • Stainless steel models are available for high temperature and corrosive models.
  • Models are designed for easy cleaning and prevention of dirt entering the static bar, minimizing potential damage.
  • Patented connectors with the ground intrinsic to the cable design.
  • Instant ON/OFF with no moving parts.
  • Repairable Power Supply with a two year warranty.


  • Flexible mounting options.
  • Units can be mounted end to end for longer lengths with no air gap.
  • High temperature, extra strength, and even a unique washable stainless steel model is available for special applications or as required.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • No separate ground connection that can be cut and cause sparks or accidentally shock personnel.
  • Conserves air use when not required.

Part NumberSizeSKUWeight
1504224" + 18"AN0009397.72
1504824" + 24"AN0009408.63
1505424" + 30"AN0009419.31
1506030" + 30"AN00094210.45
1506630" + 36"AN00094311.59
1507236" + 36"AN00094413.18
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