Air Mag Nozzle

Categories: Energy Efficient Products, Air Nozzles,
Applications: Air Nozzle for Cooling, Cooling, Drying, Air Nozzles for Blow Off, Air Blow Off,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

The advanced air mag nozzle design offers improved air efficiency. The external fins help amplify the Coanda effect and greatly increased the overall air moved for any given air feed pressure. This means that less air needs to be used to deliver the same results.

Part NumberMaterialThreadSKUWeight
47000AMS316 StainlessM4AN0003650.1
47001AMS316 StainlessM5 AN0003660.1
47002AMS316 StainlessM6AN0003670.1
47002AMST316 Stainless 1/8" NPTAN0003680.1
47002AMPTPeek 1/8" NPTAN0003700.1
47003AMFZinc1/8" NPTAN0003710.1
47003AMFS316 Stainless1/8" NPTAN0003720.1
47004AMFZinc1/4" NPTAN0003730.13
47004AMFS316 Stainless1/4" NPTAN0003740.2
47005AMFZinc3/8" NPTAN0003750.2
47005AMFS316 Stainless3/8" NPTAN0003760.2
47006AMFZinc1/2" NPTAN0003770.27
47006AMFS316 Stainless1/2" NPTAN0003780.27
47007AMFZinc3/4" NPTAN0003790.27
47007AMFS316 Stainless3/4" NPTAN0003800.27
47008AMFZinc1" NPTAN0003810.27
47008AMFS316 Stainless1" NPTAN0003820.27
47009AMFZinc1-1/4 NPTAN0003830.27
47009AMFS316 Stainless1-1/4 NPTAN0003840.27
47010AMFZinc 1-1/2" NPTAN0003850.27
47010AMFS316 Stainless 1-1/2" NPTAN0003860.27


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