Air Knife X-Stream Anodised Aluminium

Categories: Energy Efficient Products, Air Knives,
Applications: Air Knives for Drying, Air Knives for Blow Off, Cooling, Drying, Air Blow Off,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

The silent X-Stream air knife has an advanced design that mean it runs several decibels quieter than the standard model. This can be important when considering worker safety on production lines as hearing damage and the legislation surrounding it can be a real health and safety concern.

Like all air knives, this model delivers a high impact line of air flow along its length. The shape of the knife helps entrain the surrounding air via Coanda effect, this greatly increased the impact of the compressed air used to feed the knife.

This variant is made in anodised Aluminium offering superior abrasion resistance and product life.

It is available in various sizes and, optionally, comes with an integrated filter or filter + regulator.

Part NumberLengthFeaturesSKUWeight
10002XHA2"Blade onlyAN0000840.68
10003XHA3"Blade onlyAN0000850.68
10006XHA6"Blade onlyAN0000860.9
10009XHA9"Blade onlyAN0000871.13
10012XHA12"Blade onlyAN0000881.59
10015XHA15"Blade onlyAN0000891.59
10018XHA18"Blade onlyAN0000901.81
10024XHA24"Blade onlyAN0000911.81
10030XHA30"Blade onlyAN0000922.04
10036XHA36" Blade onlyAN0000932.27
10042XHA42"Blade onlyAN0000942.5
10048XHA48"Blade onlyAN0000953.18
10054XHA54"Blade onlyAN0000963.63
11002XHA2"Blade+ FilterAN0000970.77
11003XHA3"Blade+ FilterAN0000980.77
11006XHA6"Blade+ FilterAN0000991
11009XHA9"Blade+ FilterAN0001001.22
11012XHA12"Blade+ FilterAN0001011.68
11015XHA15"Blade+ FilterAN0001021.68
11018XHA18"Blade+ FilterAN0001031.9
11024XHA24"Blade+ FilterAN0001041.9
11030XHA30"Blade+ FilterAN0001052.13
11036XHA36" Blade+ FilterAN0001062.36
11042XHA42"Blade+ FilterAN0001072.59
11048XHA48"Blade+ FilterAN0001083.27
11054XHA54"Blade+ FilterAN0001093.72
12002XHA2"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001100.86
12003XHA3"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001110.86
12006XHA6"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001121.09
12009XHA9"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001131.31
12012XHA12"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001141.77
12015XHA15"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001151.77
12018XHA18"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001162
12024XHA24"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001176.45
12030XHA30"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001186.68
12036XHA36" Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001196.9
12042XHA42"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001207.13
12048XHA48"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001217.81
12054XHA54"Blade+ Filter + RegulatorAN0001228.27


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