Air Edger

Categories: Energy Efficient Products, Air Edgers,
Applications: Air Edgers For Blow Off, Drying, Air Blow Off, Air Edgers for Drying,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

Air edgers are shaped to produce a greatly accelerated, high impact air flow. The shape of the nozzle housing serves to amplify the Coanda effect and so a large volume of the surrounding air is also entrained which greatly enhances the force of the air flow.

Air edgers produce high impact lines of air flow but the width of the flow is limited to about 300mm. Of course, multiple air edgers can be placed side by side in manifolds to deliver high impact air flows over wider widths.

Air edgers come in a variety of sizes and materials. The air gap (orifice) can be increased by the insertion of additional shims so adjustments to the overall air flow at a given inlet pressure can be made in the field.

Part NumberMaterialGapSKUWeight
47011-4Zinc Aluminium0.004"AN0003870.45
47011-8Zinc Aluminium0.008"AN0003880.45
47011-12Zinc Aluminium0.012"AN0003890.45
47011-16Zinc Aluminium0.016"AN0003900.45
47011-20Zinc Aluminium0.020"AN0003910.45
47011-24Zinc Aluminium0.024"AN0003920.45
47011-28Zinc Aluminium0.028"AN0003930.5
47011S-316L-4316L Stainless0.004"AN0003940.68
47011S-316L-8316L Stainless0.008"AN0003950.68
47011S-316L-12316L Stainless0.012"AN0003960.68
47011S-316L-16316L Stainless0.016"AN0003970.68
47011S-316L-20316L Stainless0.020"AN0003980.68
47011S-316L-24316L Stainless0.024"AN0003990.68
47011S-316L-28316L Stainless0.028"AN0004000.68


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