Adjustable Air Amplifier

Categories: Energy Efficient Products, Air Amplifiers,
Applications: Air Amplifiers For Drying, Cooling, Air Amplifiers, Drying, Product Moving, Cooling Air Amplifiers, Fume & Dust Management,
Industries: Food Processing, Manufacturing, Pre-Treatment,

These adjustable air amplifiers can be set with bigger or smaller air gaps by turning and setting the locking ring. A larger air gap will consume more air and thus produce a higher flow and impact. Unlike the standard model, gap adjustment does not require the use of shims.

The adjustable air amplifier comes in a variety of materials and sizes as well as having the options of a filter/autodrain and a gauge.

Part NumberMaterialFeaturesSizeSKUWeight
40000Anosised AluminumNone3/4″AN0002980.2
40001Anosised AluminumNone1-1/4″AN0002990.22
40002Anosised AluminumNone2″AN0003000.22
40003Anosised AluminumNone4″AN0003010.45
41000Anosised AluminumFilter3/4″AN0003020.68
41001Anosised AluminumFilter1-1/4″AN0003030.68
41002Anosised AluminumFilter2″AN0003040.68
41003Anosised AluminumFilter4″AN0003051.13
42000Anosised AluminumFilter + Regulator3/4″AN0003061.36
42001Anosised AluminumFilter + Regulator1-1/4″AN0003071.13
42002Anosised AluminumFilter + Regulator2″AN0003081.13
42003Anosised AluminumFilter + Regulator4″AN0003091.59
40001GAnosised AluminumGap measurement1-1/4″AN0003100.22
40002GAnosised AluminumGap measurement2″AN0003110.22
41001GAnosised AluminumGap measurement + filter1-1/4″AN0003124.09
41002GAnosised AluminumGap measurement + filter2″AN0003132.72
42001GAnosised AluminumGap measurement + filter + regulator1-1/4″AN0003144.09
42002GAnosised AluminumGap measurement + filter + regulator2″AN0003154.54
40001S304 StainlessNone1-1/4″AN0003160.68
40002S304 StainlessNone2″AN0003170.68
40003S304 StainlessNone4″AN0003181.13
41001S304 StainlessFilter1-1/4″AN0003198.4
41002S304 StainlessFilter2″AN0003204.54
41003S304 StainlessFilter4″AN0003214.09
42001S304 StainlessFilter + Regulator1-1/4″AN0003224.09
42002S304 StainlessFilter + Regulator2″AN00032311.36
42003S304 StainlessFilter + Regulator4″AN0003242.27


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