The Air Nozzle People are the leading supplier of air nozzles and air movement products. Our wide product range is deployed in an equally wide range of industries and applications. The products listed below help move and shape compressed air flows to assist with cooling, drying, product movement and air blow-off applications. In addition to the core air movement ranges of products we also supply a variety of air control and monitoring products.

Expert Advice

For advice on which products are best for your particular application please contact us by phone or e-mail. There is an often bewildering array of products to chose from and our experienced staff will swiftly guide you to the correct nozzle. Simply tell us what you are looking to achieve and we will spec the correct product from our range.


Energy Efficient Products

Energy Efficient Products (23)

For enhancing, focusing and amplifying compressed air flows for use in drying, cooling and air blow-off applications.

Product Range
Compressed Air Conveyors

Compressed Air Conveyors (8)

Products for using compressed air to move products or fume extraction.

Product Range
Vortex Tubes and Industrial Spot Cooling

Vortex Tubes and Industrial Spot Cooling (11)

Vortex tube cooling systems for cooling cabinets/enclosure or spot cooling of tools or other hot points

Product Range
Air Optimisation Products

Air Optimisation Products (3)

Leak detectors, sound and air flow monitors for optimising air systems.

Product Range
Static Control Products

Static Control Products (8)

Air nozzles with integrated ionising bars to produce static reducing air flows.

Product Range