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Ring Blade for Drying

Ring blade air wipes are essentially circular shaped air blades. They produce a high powered air force targeted towards the centre of the circle. This means that anything passing through the blade experiences a 360 blast of high velocity air. The 360 degree nature of the air current means that Ring Blades are an excellent choice of for fluid blow off/wipe drying systems
Maintenance and reliability

When compared to blower systems enhanced compressed are drying systems are very easy to maintain. Whether the system is comprised of air nozzles, air amplifiers, air jets or air knives there are no moving parts involved and no external power is required. This means that there is virtually nothing to go wrong with the blow off system.

The simplicity of these systems means they can be deployed in areas that would preclude the deployment of powered blowers. In dirty, wet or humid areas of the production facility any powered equipment requires often costly protection to prevent it breaking down. This may involve water proofing or additional filtration / dust protection. Compressed air systems require none of this and so, in such environments, they are intrinsically more reliable.

Shims for ring blades

Energy Efficient Products

Ring Blade Shim


Shims for increasing the gap / flow from ring blades.

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Ring blade Air Knives

Energy Efficient Products

Ring Blade


Circular air blades for high force air delivery in ring pattern.

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