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Air Nozzle for Cooling

Using air nozzles for cooling systems is a common application for our products. Air nozzles produce direct streams of high impact air that are concentrated over a small area. This makes them suitable for spot cooling applications or, when several are deployed on a suitable manifold, for cooling larger areas.

Air Nozzles are designed to focus compressed air into a coherent directed jet. These nozzles produce a high impact jet for precision air direction. They come in a variety of different sizes and materials.

In addition to the standard air nozzles, we also offer the patent-pending Air Mag, advanced air nozzle. The presence of the exterior fins on this design of nozzle greatly enhances the entrainment of the surrounding air. This means more air is moved for any given feed air pressure resulting in a more powerful and efficient air jet.

Maintenance and reliability

When compared to blower systems enhanced compressed air cooling systems are very easy to maintain. Whether the system is comprised of air nozzles, air amplifiers, air jets or air knives there are no moving parts involved and no external power is required. This means that there is virtually nothing to go wrong with the blow off system. Similarly, vortex tube powered coolers have no external power source or moving parts are so are equally reliable and maintenance free.

The simplicity of these systems means they can be deployed in areas that would preclude the deployment of powered blowers. In dirty, wet or humid areas of the production facility any powered equipment requires often costly protection to prevent it breaking down. This may involve water proofing or additional filtration / dust protection. Compressed air systems require none of this and so, in such environments, they are intrinsically more reliable.

Air mag nozzles

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Air Mag Nozzle


Advanced engineered air nozzle designed to increase air entrainment and force

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Standard Air Nozzles

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Standard Air Nozzle


Nozzles for delivering high force, focused air flows

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